Lamb Plasas
Slow cooked halal lamb, basted in palm oil, tamarind, spinach scotch bonnet peppers and bitter leaves served with coriander rice and sweet potato chips.

Chicken Domada
Hot spicy fried chicken in a rich creamy sauce with onion, carrot, finger chillis and peanut, served on a bed of coriander rice.

Flash fried whiting and sea bass with diced cassava, carrots caramelised onion and spicy red rice. Served with green pepper salad

Steak Baba Momodou
Goujons of flash fried Pepper Steak served in a succulent in Coconut Sauce with bell peppers and Rice Burgama

Pintade à l'Afrique
Momma Cham's version of classic dish of roasted guinea fowl with chilli, ginger onions, cassava and butternut squash and rice with black eyed peas

Rabbit Pepper Soup
Rabbit stew with lime tomato peppers and potato served with a choice of cous cous or bulgar wheat




Blanquette de Dinde Tunisienne
Turkey steaks in a rich White Sauce spiced with cumin, caraway seeds and Dijon mustard served with sweet potatoes, saffron rice and rocket salad.

Moroccan Lamb Tagine
Rich halal lamb baked in cinnamon almonds and apricots and served with couscous, flatbread, lemon and mixed pickles.

Faisan Moma Cham
Roast Pheasant with Chilli and Red pepper sauce, garlic chanterelles, sweet potato chips and bulgar wheat with wild thyme.

Smoked Haddock and mackerel fillets in a savoury spinach chilli and tomato sauce served on a bed of plain white rice

Afrah Chicken
Chicken pieces basted in black pepper garlic and mustardseed, chargrilled and served with hot tapalapa bread and onion salad

Savoury Pigs trotters with tripe cooked in palm oil, garlic chilli onion and tomato and served with fufu (Yam bread) or fat



MOMA CHAM'S A la carte Menu


Chorba bil Matisha* (Capellini and vegetable soup) ALGERIA
Soupe à la Noix de Coco* (Cameroonian Coconut Soup) CAMEROON
Spicy Chicken and Noodle Soup CONGO
Soupe de Lentilles Ivorienne (Ivorian Lentil Soup) IVORY COAST
Velouté d'Ignames (Cream of Yam Soup) IVORY COAST
Liberian Pumpkin Soup* LIBERIA
Bean Soup* LIBERIA
Liberian Prawn Bisque LIBERIA
Asharbal Leebia LIBYA
Sharbat Adas (Libyan Lentil Soup) LIBYA
Sharbat Hilba (Fenugreek Soup) LIBYA
Senegalese Lemon Soup SENEGAL
Hsou (Onion and Celery Soup) TUNISIA


Algerian Salad with Anchovies and Eggs* ALGERIA
Salata Mashwiya Roasted Salad LIBYA
Salata Arabieh (Mint cucumber and tomato salad) LIBYA
Libyan Olive Salad LIBYA
Libyan Eggplant Salad LIBYA
Taboulleh salad MOROCCO
Moroccan salad medley MOROCCO
Moroccan Spinach Salad with Preserved Lemon and Olives MOROCCO
Moroccan Chopped Cucumber and Tomato Salad MOROCCO
Nigerian Salad NIGERIA
African cassava salad NIGERIA
Salatu Niebe (Black-Eyed Pea Salad ) SENEGAL
African Mango Salad SIERRA LEONE
Salata Méchouia Nablia (Grilled Red Pepper and Tomato Salad) TUNISIA
Carrot coriander and parsnip salad TUNISIA
Seafood (Starter, taster or main course)

Erro with fufu (Seafood in red palm oil) CAMEROON
Oran-dranomasina (Lobster with coconut rice) CAMEROON
Akotonshi (Stuffed Crabs) GHANA
Shrimp with Red Sauce GHANA
Shrimp Bissau-style GUINEA BISSAU
Ecrevisses au Curry (Crayfish Curry) IVORY COAST
Avocat Aux Crevettes (Avocado Stuffed with Prawns) SENEGAL
Senegal Spicy Seafood Stew SENEGAL
Sauce d'Adémé aux Fruits de Mer (Seafood with Adémé Sauce) TOGO
Huitres Azi Dessi (Fried Oysters with Chilli, Smoked Prawns and Peanut Sauce) TOGO
Griddled Squid with Tabil TUNISIA


Grilled Sea Bass Benin Style BENIN
Dahomey Fish Stew BENIN
Maan Nezim Nzedo* (Fish Stew with Vegetables) BURKINA FASO
Roasted mackerel with plaintain chips* CAMEROON
Tilapia au Four (Baked Tilapia) CHAD
Poissons salés aux courges (Saltfish with Squash) CONGO
Mulet Farci à la Saint-Louisienne (Stuffed Mullet) CONGO
Mchuzi wa Samaki (Fish Curry) CONGO
Grilled barracuda steak with harrisa and lime GAMBIA
Sole sauce marnay GAMBIA
Ghanaian Red Red (Fish and bean soup) GHANA
Kentumere (Fish & Spinach in Tomatoes ) GHANA
Maffi Hakko (Chillied dried fish with yam) GUINEA
Bolinhos de Mancarra com Peixe (Fish Peanut Balls) GUINEA BISSAU
Kakakou au Poisson Frais (Kakakou with Fresh Fish) IVORY COAST
Akoumain Salé (Salted Akoumain) IVORY COAST
Aloco avec Tilapia (Tilapia with Plantain Chips and Tomato Sauce) IVORY COAST
Halibut with Rice and Vegetables IVORY COAST
Sea Bass in Coconut Cream LIBERIA
Okra Rice and Red-oil Fish LIBERIA
Steamed Crawfish LIBERIA
Haraimi (Spicy Fish) LIBYA
Capitaine, Sauce aux Agrumes (Steamed Catfish with Citrus Sauce) MALI
Tiga Dégué au Poisson Fumé (Smoked Fish in Peanut Sauce) MALI
To et Tokorodji (Bream with Millet Flour) MALI
Moroccan trout with couscous MOROCCAN
Thiéboudienne (Senegalese Fish and Rice) SENEGAL
Daurade Grillée Sénégalaise (Grilled Sea Bream) SENEGAL
Barracuda Farci au Feuille de Bissap (Stuffed Barracuda) SENEGAL
Darnes de Thon au Lait de Coco (Tuna Steaks with Coconut Milk) TOGO

Chicken dishes


Moyo de Poulet Fume (Moyo of Smoked Chicken) BENIN
Boulets de Poulet avec Sauce Rouge (Chicken in Red Spice sauce) BENIN
Folon (Chicken with peanut and shrimp) CAMEROON
Muamba Nsusu (Chicken and tomato soup) CONGO
Chicken Domada (Chicken in spicy peanut and tomato sauce) GAMBIA
Afrah chicken (Baked diced chicken in black pepper) GAMBIA
Yassa (Chicken in Dijon mustard and scotch bonnet sauce) GAMBIA
Ashanti Chicken (Glazed ceremonial chicken : 4 people or more) GHANA
Cafriela de Frango (Chillied chicken with lemon) GUINEA BISSAU
Tajeen bamia bil dajaa (Chicken Tagine with Okra) LIBYA
Dajaj Maghli (Fried Chicken) LIBYA
Berber chicken MOROCCO
Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Olives MOROCCO
Nigerian Pepper Chicken NIGERIA
Poulet Djenkoumé (Djenkoumé Chicken) TOGO
Poulet Tunisienne (Tunisian Chicken) TUNISIA

Lamb Goat & Mutton dishes

Lahm Lhalou (Algerian Sweet Lamb) ALGERIA
Barboucha (Lamb with white beans and cumin) ALGERIA
Chèvre aux Arachides (Goat in Peanut Sauce) BENIN
Burkinabe (Spiced Lamb MeatBalls) BURKINA FASO
Bangaou (Lamb and sweet potato casserole) CHAD
Lamb Plasas (Stewed lamb in a rich spicy spinach sauce) GAMBIA
White Benachin with Mutton GAMBIA
Kansiyé (Chillied goat in peanut sauce) GUINEA
Maffé de Tabaski (Mutton and vegetables) IVORY COAST
Goat and Cassava Leaf Stew LIBERIA
Cuscus bil-Bosla (Couscous with Lamb and Chickpeas) LIBYA
Mauritanian Lamb Couscous MAURITANIA
Moroccan Mutton in peppers MOROCCO
Moroccan Lamb Stew With Dates MOROCCO
Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Apricot and Mint MOROCCO
Tukasu (Mutton Stew With Dumplings) NIGERIA
Goat Pepper Soup with Basil NIGERIA
Saffe (Mutton & Spinach stew) SIERRA LEONE
Mafe (Senegalese Lamb Stew) SENEGAL
Borghol bil Allouche (Bulgur Wheat and Lamb Stew) TUNISIA
Marka Hloua (Lamb and Fruit Stew) TUNISIA


Beef dishes

Tajine el Khoukh (Beef in cinnamon) ALGERIA
Calalu (Beef with prawns) BENIN
N'Dole (Steak with Collard greens) CAMEROON
Mouloukhiye (Beef and okra in tomato) CHAD
Dou-Louf (Calf Foot Stew) CHAD
Jarret de Boeuf (Salt beef with leek and aubergine) CHAD
Coupé-Coupé (Flame Grilled beef goujons in piri piri sauce) CONGO
Super Kanya (Beef stew with stockfish and scotch bonnet) GAMBIA
Shoko ( Beef and Spinach casserole) GHANA
Queue de Boeuf Persillée (Oxtail with Parsley) IVORY COAST
Tabikha Bil Karrate (Leek and Beef Stew) LIBYA
Steak Baba Mamadou (Pepper Steak with Coconut) MAURITANIA
Terrine Mauritanienne (Mauritanian Beef Terrine) MAURITANIA
Obe Eran (Cow's foot Stew ) NIGERIA
Banga stew (Beef and Crayfish) NIGERIA
Nigerian sweet curry (with coconut and palm fruit) NIGERIA
Trinxado (Portuguese beef stew) SIERRA LEONE
Kabaar (Beef and Potato Meatballs) TUNISIA
Ragout de Petits Pois (Beef and Pea Ragout) TUNISIA

Game, Pork, Veal and other meats

Algerian Trois viands (Mixed meat couscous) ALGERIA
Mokoto (Savoury Pigs trotters) BENIN
Munyu Caf (Mixed meat Couscous with almonds) BURKINA FASO
Cailles Grillées (Grilled Quail with Chilli and Ginger) CONGO
Ghana Meatball Stew GHANA
Pintade à l'Afrique (African Guinea Fowl GUINEA
Guinea Hen with Chanterelles and Polenta GUINEA
Pork shank and pea Stew GUINEA BISSAU
Ragoût de Porc aux Potates Douces (Pork Stew with Sweet Potatoes) IVORY COAST
Sokossoko de Rogon (Kidney Sokossoko) IVORY COAST
Dry Rice with Pork LIBERIA
Khalyat Alkadba wal Gholoob (Fried Liver and Heart) LIBYA
Kifta Lil Atfaal (Cinnamon Meatballs) LIBYA
Merguez spicy sausages MOROCCO
Moroccan Kefta Meatball and Egg Tagine MOROCCO
Suya Kebabs With Peanut NIGER
Efo Riro (Smoked Turkey) NIGERIA
Barkoukech de Printemps (Springtime Barkoukech) TUNISIA
Kefta de la Ghriba (Synagogue Koftas) TUNISIA
Blanquette de Veau Tunisienne (Tunisian Veal in White Sauce) TUNISIA

Vegetarian dishes

Loubia* (Green beans and almonds) ALGERIA
Moussan touba* (Savoury Beancakes) BURKINA FASO
Krakro* (Sweet Potato Fritters) BURKINA FASO
Riz Gras* (Fat Rice) BURKINA FASO
Squash with Peanuts* CHAD
Daraba* (Aubergines and okra in peanut sauce) CHAD
Watchi (Ghanaian Black-Eyed Peas and Rice) GHANA
Garden Egg Stew GHANA
Omotuo (Rice balls) GHANA
Cassava and Aubergine Benechin GAMBIA
Liberian Aubergine Fritters* LIBERIA
Greens with Green Pepper* LIBERIA
Potato and Plantain Hash* LIBERIA
Braak (Libyan Stuffed Vine Leaves) LIBYA
Filfil Harr Mahshi bil Hoot *(Stuffed peppers) LIBYA
Jollof Rice MALI
Pumpkin And Butter Beans Casserole MOROCCO
Lentils with Swiss chard, butternut squash and duck confit MOROCCO
Mo And Dunguri (Rice And Black-Eyed Peas) NIGER
Akara (Bean Fritters With Hot Sauce) NIGERIA
Ila with Fufu (Okra stew with yam dough) NIGERIA
Akume with Ademe Sauce TOGO
Lablabi (Chick peas with garlic and harissa) TUNISIA


Ghanaian Papaya Bread GHANA
Parsnip and thyme loaf GAMBIA
Black Eyed Pea Flour Bread LIBERIA
Yam Peanut and Chilli Loaf LIBERIA
Liberian Cornbread LIBERIA
Ftat Misrati Libyan Flatbread LIBYA
Khubzah bil A3shab Libyan Herb Bread LIBYA
Khobz dyal Smida Semolina Bread MOROCCO
Fufu Soft yam dough NIGERIA
Khoz Tahbuna TUNISIA



Algerian Charlotte ALGERIA
Banfora (Pineapple and sultana cakes) BURKINA FASO
Loz (Almond and pistachio dessert) CHAD
Tarte Banane (Congolese Banana Tart) DR CONGO
Chakary (Couscous with yoghurt and cream) GAMBIA
Accra Banana peanut cake GHANA
Akpessi de Bananes (Plantain Akpessi) IVORY COAST
Stewed Mangoes with Cloves LIBERIA
Papaya Pie LIBERIA
Liberian Cassava Biscuits LIBERIA
Basboosa (Semolina cake) LIBYA
Magrood (Libyan Date Biscuits) LIBYA
Kaak Lebi Hilw (Orange and Cumin Biscuits) LIBYA
Baked Apples with Cream Cheese and Honey LIBYA
Safra (Semolina and Date Cake) LIBYA
Sfiniz (Libyan Doughnuts) LIBYA
Gharaibat Halkoom (Almond-filled Biscuits) LIBYA
Meni-meniyong (Sesame-honey Sweet) MALI
Couscous Date Cake MOROCCO
Galette Sénégalaise (Senegalese Galette) SENEGAL
Banana Pancakes SIERRA LEONE
Gâteau aux Amandes et aux Agrumes (Almond and Citrus Cake) TUNISIA


Zoom Koom (Rice ginger & tamarind Iced drink) BURKINA FASO
Wonjo (Hibiscus flower cordial) GAMBIA
African fruit punch (orange papaya lemonade & pineapple) LIBERIA
Senegali Sunshine (Orange Juice, White Rum, Curacao) SENEGAL
Pawpaw Paradise (Papaya cream Dark Rum on crushed ice)
White Elephant (Coconut, Coconut Milk. White Rum Creme De Cacao )
Pineapple Buganda (Pineapple, Brown Sugar Cream White Rum Vanilla & Mint)
Green tea
Arabian mint tea
Coffee with cardomon